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Dragon Pharma is revamping a current product for the third month in a row

dragon pharma potential venom v2

In February, Dragon Pharma reformulated its full-spectrum, EAA-based amino supplement Dr. FEAAR, then just last month it revamped another product in the form of its now stimulant-free pre-workout Mr. Veinz. For April, the brand is looking to keep the theme going and launch another new and improved supplement for the third month running.

At the moment, Dragon Pharma has not revealed what its next reformulated product will be, only that there is one, and it’s due to release tomorrow. The brand has shared a teaser of the upcoming supplement, which includes a few clues, most importantly, the silhouette of the mystery item’s tub that matches four of the brand’s current products.

The four products Dragon Pharma’s silhouette matches are Dr. FEAAR, Mr. Veinz, Venom, and its creatine-based formula ATP Force. Since the brand just revamped Dr. FEAAR and Mr. Veinz, it won’t be either of those, leaving Venom and ATP Force. Of those two, we think it’s the former as currently, Venom is completely out of stock in the brand’s online store.

Regardless of what the mysterious Dragon Pharma supplement turns out to be, as mentioned, it is going to be fully unveiled and available for purchase tomorrow. If we are indeed for a new take on the pre-workout Venom, we’re excited to see how it turns out especially after the brand made some big changes to its stimulant-free pre-workout Mr. Veinz.