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Glaxon introduces its all-in-one Serenity to lower cortisol and reduce stress

glaxon serenity

Glaxon is set to expand its lineup tomorrow with yet another rather unique supplement, featuring a combination of ingredients and benefits you won’t see from most other brands. Serenity is the latest innovation from Glaxon that brings together four main ingredients to comprehensively help lower cortisol, improve mental focus, enhance mood, and reduce stress.

Glaxon Serenity is an all-in-one relaxation anti-stress solution, which as mentioned, is not a type of product you’ll see too many other brands attempt. The supplement can be stacked with the brand’s top-rated focus formula Adrinall, combining Serenity’s anti-stress, mood, and relaxation benefits with the long-lasting energy, focus, and cognition of Adrinall.

glaxon serenity

The full formula behind Serenity consists of four transparently dosed ingredients, all wrapped up in a three-capsule serving. One of the highlights of the product is the premium and more bioavailable Shoden ashwagandha included at a dose of 120mg. It sits alongside 120mg of magnolia extract, 616mg of phosphatidylserine, and 50mg of quercetin.

Glaxon’s Serenity is going to be available tomorrow through its online store, where it’ll have a regular price of $59.99 for a bottle of 21 full servings. There will be an automatic 10% discount on Serenity, dropping it to $53.99, which Stack3d Insiders can then combine with their exclusive coupon for an additional 20%, to take the supplement down to $43.