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Outtenfit looks to prevent the effects of a hangover with its next product

outtenfit nutrition rewind

The up and coming Outtenfit Nutrition has announced its next all-new supplement, and it is not something you’ll see from almost any other brand on the market. Rewind is the latest innovation from Outtenfit, and it is a hangover prevention formula, created to do precisely that; a powder product that you drink to help prevent classic hangover symptoms.

Rewind is, as mentioned, a powder supplement, that is due to launch in the one Lemon Lime flavor with a compact five servings per tub. Outtenfit Nutrition has yet to share the entire formula behind the product but has said it features 14 different ingredients with electrolytes on that list to help with hydration as well as premium KSM-66 ashwagandha.

More details, including the supplement’s remaining ingredients as well as all of their dosages, are going to be revealed a little later, once Outtenfit Nutrition gets close to the launch of Rewind.