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Rebranded Unfazed is bringing with it a new Peanut Butter Cup flavor

outtenfit nutrition rebrand peanut butter unfazed

For its recently introduced WHSH Series, ‘Work Hard Stay Humble’, Outtenfit Nutrition went with a very different look for the two obviously named supplements that currently make it up. Those items are ‘Nitric Oxide & Performance‘ and ‘Weight Management & Fat Loss Support‘, featuring sleek and stylish, black and gold label designs.

Initially, we thought that branding might just be for the WHSH Series, although that no longer seems to be the case. Outtenfit Nutrition has announced it’s updating its relaxation supplement Unfazed with the same look. Based on that, it would be good to assume Outtenfit plans to extend the branding to the rest of its lineup, eventually.

Outtenfit Nutrition has previewed its rebranded Unfazed, as you can see in the image above, although that’s not all. The brand’s new look for Unfazed is also bringing a new flavor to the product, which isn’t quite as unique as its first option in Peanut Butter Cup. Outtenfit is planning to begin rolling out the updated supplement soon, with no doubt more rebrands and potentially new flavors to follow.

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