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RYSE reveals its Blackout Pre-Workout RTD featuring 14g of actives

ryse blackout rtd

A first look at RYSE’s upcoming beverage has been revealed, and as suspected based on the sneak peek, it is indeed an on-the-go version of its Blackout Series pre-workout. We can also confirm the supplement is going to feature a different set of ingredients compared to the original version, but it will still have a strong, well-rounded formula.

Much like the powder, RYSE has formulated its Blackout Pre-Workout RTD for a variety of benefits, including ingredients for enhanced energy, pumps, and performance. The on-the-go product is going to come packed with a hefty 14g of active ingredients, the majority of which have been confirmed in the preview of the premixed pre-workout.

The features we know of in RYSE’s Blackout Pre-Workout RTD are 3.2g of beta-alanine, just like the original, slightly more caffeine at 400mg, and a heavy 8g of citrulline malate. Those three ingredients obviously don’t add up to that total of 14g of active ingredients, so there is still a fair amount of the formula yet to be revealed.

As far as we know, RYSE is still aiming to launch its first-ever RTD sometime in the second half of next month. We also know the on-the-go Blackout Pre-Workout will have three flavors to choose from, including the powder’s one current option in Tiger’s Blood. The other two tastes that’ll be available when the RTD arrives are Grape and Baja Burst.