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Magic Nutrition hints at entering the calorie-loaded mass gainer market

magic nutrition mass

The Australian lifestyle supplement company Magic Nutrition currently competes in a handful of popular categories, including pre-workout, amino, weight loss, and protein powder. Those are some of the most competitive and saturated sections of the market; however, there are still several other areas the brand has yet to tap into.

Right before the month comes to a close, Magic Nutrition has revealed the name of its next new product, and it sounds like something in the same area as Magic Whey. Magic Mass is the brand’s upcoming supplement, and based on the name, we have to suspect it is a gainer, packed full of protein and carbohydrates, and of course calories.

While we could be completely off with Magic Mass being a mass gainer, it does make sense, not just because of the name, but because it is another relatively common category. There is the chance it’s a muscle builder or strength formula of some kind, but for now, all we can do is guess with full details on Magic Mass to be shared soon.