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Lean gainer Magic Mass receives a few changes for 2022 and a tasty new flavor

Reformulated Magic Mass

Australian sports nutrition company Magic Nutrition has relaunched one of its two protein-based supplements in the nutrition-heavy mass gainer Magic Mass, which was introduced almost two years ago in mid-2020. The original was a relatively lean gainer, packing 35g of protein per serving, 60g of carbohydrates, a low 1.8g of fat, 404 calories, and added creatine monohydrate at a full 5g.

For 2022, Magic Nutrition has reformulated its gainer Magic Mass with a slightly bigger serving size and nutrition profile, although the macros are still similar. In the new Magic Mass, you get the same 35g of protein from whey concentrate, 61.7g of carbohydrates with 18.8g of that sugar, a higher 7.3g of fat, 458 calories, a lower dose of creatine at 3g, and premium DigeZyme enzymes.

Magic Nutrition’s refreshed Magic Mass comes in the original’s two flavors with Chocolate Milkshake and Vanilla Ice Cream; however, there is now one more option on the menu, which fans will already be familiar with. To go with the new formula, the brand has added Wheytime to Magic Mass, a flavor inspired by Australia’s popular Golden Gaytime ice cream and already available for Magic Whey.

The reformulated Magic Mass is already out and ready for purchase in Australia, including through the brand’s own online store, and should probably be rolling out to stores and shelves shortly.