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Tiger Fitness picks up Glaxon and its growing lineup of supplements

glaxon now available at tiger fitness

As we’ve mentioned several times before, despite Glaxon feeling like a well established name and brand with an extensive line of supplements, it has only been around for a short period of time. It was just in May that Glaxon celebrated its six-month birthday, which again, is impressive considering how much it’s done and got its name and reputation out there.

This week Glaxon hit another milestone as it can now be purchased from one of the bigger supplement retailers out there in Tiger Fitness. The popular store has picked up all but one of the brand’s products, with Glaxon’s recently released immune formula Arc Immune being the one Tiger Fitness is without. It even stocks the brick and mortar exclusive pre-workout GFY.

Another noteworthy detail about Glaxon being at Tiger Fitness is that its regular prices are much better than what you get on the brand’s own online store. For example, the pre-workouts Specimen and GFY are $49.99 and $59.99 at, respectively, while Tiger Fitness has them both for $10 cheaper. Differences like that can be seen across the entire Glaxon range.

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