Dragon Pharma reveals its limited edition products for the 4th Of July

5 days ago
limited edition dragon blast venom and mr veinz

The list of special edition products put together in celebration of the 4th Of July continues to grow today with the hardcore and consistently improving Dragon Pharma throwing its hat in the ring. The brand has created a limited-time flavor that is going to be available for its pre-workouts Venom and the stimulant-free Mr. Veinz, both of which were revamped earlier this year.

Dragon Pharma’s 4th Of July flavor isn’t a Bomb Pop-inspired or red, white, and blue type flavor like we’ve seen from many others. It is a flavor called Dragon Blast, although it does come with an alternative red, white, and blue, and Stars and Stripes-theme running in the background. The brand is looking to drop its Dragon Blast Venom and Mr. Veinz sometime this week through its website.