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Pumpkin Pie Outright Bar coming to the Vitamin Shoppe later this month

pumpkin pie outright protein bar

When Marc Lobliner’s hugely popular functional brand Outright unveiled the Creamy Red Velvet flavor of its delicious Outright Protein, it said that was just one of many new products coming soon. News of a unique new spin-off quickly followed that announcement with the Outright Breakfast Protein Bar infused with the protein synthesis enhancer Velositol.

This week Outright has named another one of those upcoming items, which is more along the lines of Creamy Red Velvet in that it’s a new flavor and not a spin-off of the brand’s protein bar. Our winner of Functional Brand Of The Year for 2019 has confirmed that a peanut butter-based Pumpkin Pie Outright Protein Bar is on the way, and it’s not all that far away.

While we have still yet to see the launch of Creamy Red Velvet or the Breakfast bar, the Pumpkin Pie Outright Protein Bar is apparently going to be available later this month. Outright has said the product is due to be on shelves at the Vitamin Shoppe within the next few weeks, so definitely be on the lookout.

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