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Straightforward vitamin C-based capsule supplement on the way from RYSE

ryse vitamin c

Up until this year, the lifestyle supplement company RYSE had only stuck to complex categories, including pre-workout, protein powder, amino, weight loss, and a few more. The brand actually has multiple competitors in the saturated pre-workout market thanks to its two-part Blackout Series products. It also puts an interesting spin on a typically basic supplement with its focus enhanced multivitamin VitaFocus.

Details have now come in on what is RYSE’s second simple product, with its first being the tasty liquid carnitine formula it introduced just a few months ago. The brand’s next basic item is going to be a vitamin C-based supplement to support your immune system. The RYSE Vitamin C will provide a hefty one gram of the main ingredient in each capsule along with 100mg of KSM-66 ashwagandha, with 120 capsules in every bottle.