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Ugly follows Cherry Cola with its second limited flavor one month later

sour apple ugly sparkling water

Last month the beverage brand Ugly introduced its first-ever, limited-edition flavor of its original, nothing artificial, Sparkling Water with Cherry Cola. One month later, it’s now looking like the brand is going to turn this into a regular thing, as it has dropped yet another limited-time flavor of that very same product, although it’s currently password-only access.

Ugly’s second limited-edition flavor of its zero-calorie Sparkling Water is Sour Apple, but as mentioned, at the moment, you can only purchase it with an exclusive password. You can see the product listed on the brand’s website at a price of $24 for a case of 12 cans, but you need a password to access the page, which was sent out to those signed up to its email list.

Ugly’s limited-time Sour Apple Sparkling Water will eventually be made available to everyone, much like last month’s Cherry Cola, which is still in stock over at

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