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Latest Qhush beverage is a juicy Havana flavor with less caffeine at 200mg

usn qhush havana juicy energy

USN is back in the headlines this week with another variant of its on-the-go, Qhush energy drink, which, as we’ve mentioned before, gets its unique name from the sound it apparently makes when you open it. Since the launch of the brand’s first Qhush beverage in South Africa near the end of last year, it has dropped two others with Red Fury Qhush and gaming Qhush.

The latest entry in the energy drink’s growing family is the juicy Havana Qhush, although the taste and tropical branding aren’t all that separates this one. The South Africa-based USN has also changed the formula a bit for its Havana Qhush. While the other flavors of the energy drink had 300mg of caffeine, Havana has 33% less at 200mg, along with B vitamins and ginseng.

Fans of USN and its gradually expanding Qhush energy drink, can grab the new Havana flavor starting this week from the brand’s major retail partners in the country such as Spar and Dis-Chem.