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XP Sports formulates Zero-Lag for longer-lasting energy, alertness and focus

xp sports zero lag

Zero-Lag is the third and final supplement from Iovate’s upcoming gaming brand XP Sports, with the other two being Boost and Gummies, which we completely unveiled over the past few days. Zero-Lag is actually a lot like Boost, in the sense that it’s formulated to provide a similar set of benefits but with a slightly different combination of ingredients, and it comes in capsule form instead of powder.

XP Sports created Zero-Lag to provide increased as well as long-lasting energy, enhanced focus and performance, improved alertness, and the benefit you also get in Boost and Gummies with eye health support. As mentioned, the combination of ingredients in Zero-Lag is different from that of Boost, but not too surprising considering they share effects; there are some similarities.

xp sports zero lag

You can see the full facts panel for XP Sports Zero-Lag directly above, about half of which is transparently dosed. There is 1.6g of the premium ingredient NooLVL, 150mg of caffeine from regular caffeine anhydrous and sustained released ZumXR caffeine, and 125mg of Sensoril ashwagandha. There are several other features in the formula, including FloraGlo lutein for eye health, and at the same amount as Boost and Gummies with 30mg.

Zero-Lag is due to launch sometime this summer alongside those other two supplements from XP Sports with the flavored formula Boost and the edible gummy product obviously named ‘Gummies’. The gaming brand’s capsule product is going to be available in bottles with 20 full servings, which is another thing that separates it from Boost, as that one comes with 30 servings.