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Long-awaited M&M’s minis-filled protein bar now available in Europe

m&ms protein bar

The long-awaited M&M’s HiProtein Bar from Mars, previewed a few months ago, is now finally available for purchase in the UK and Europe. The product was first unveiled back in April in the two flavors it released in this week with the classics, Chocolate and Peanut. We also have a lot more information about the product and its build, which wasn’t the case in April.

The nutrition profile on the M&M’s snack is a lot lower in protein compared to Mars’ other authentic candy bar HiProtein Bars with Snickers and the Mars Bar. Unlike either of those, which have a little over 20g per bar, the M&M’s HiProtein Bar has 15g of protein. Its other macros are 21 to 23g of carbohydrates with 12 to 15g of sugar, 5.5 to 8.2g of fat, and 192 to 209 calories.

We can also now answer the question about how the theme and taste of M&M’s is worked into the protein bar, outside of being chocolate and peanut-flavored. Mars has actually sprinkled real M&M’s minis throughout the bar, which makes sense as to why it’s macros are not like the Snickers or Mar HiProtein Bars, and should help deliver a memorable M&M’s experience.

There are several stores and stockists across the UK and Europe with the long-awaited M&M’s HiProtein Bar, including our favorites, Protein Pick and Mix and Beast Mode. Both locations are reliable and ship all over the world, with Pick and Mix pricing the newest Mars protein bar at £2.49 or £21.60 (27.15 USD) for a box of 12, and Beast Mode at €2.45 and €27.47 (31.39 USD).

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