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Barebells Double Bite Review: Held back by a tough and chewy texture

Double Bite is the latest protein snack from the Swedish functional brand Barebells, who is also the maker of our number one rated protein bar, named the Barebells Protein Bar. Double Bite is a bar type snack packed with 16 to 17g of protein, and to tie in with its name; it comes with two half-sized bars per pack, which combine to provide that protein amount mentioned.

Barebells Double Bite features a crispier main body compared to the top tasting Barebells Protein Bar or even its other bar, the gooey center-filled Core Bar. On top of Double Bite’s crispy body is a gooey layer suited to each of the product’s two flavors, Chocolate Crisp and Caramel Crispy. The brand then wraps all of that in sweet and delicious milk chocolate.


We had high hopes for Double Bite, purely because, as highlighted, Barebells is the maker of our favorite protein bar out there right now, and we always go in expecting products to be as good as advertised. Unfortunately, the popular Swedish brand did not come through on this one, delivering our first disappointing experience with a Barebells product.

With that crispy-piece main body, we were hoping for a light and airy consistency; however, that’s not the case. For a split second, Double Bite’s body is crispy, although as soon as your teeth sink in, that changes. The texture is thick, tough, and chewy, which comes as quite the surprise, especially when you’re expecting to bite into something crispy and crunchy.

While the consistency is far from great, Barebells does come through on the product’s realistic, candy bar-like sweetness. The milk chocolate around the outside is as tasty as its other chocolate-coated snacks, and the gooey layer down the middle is also a plus. It adds a salty caramel taste to the Caramel Crisp flavor and strengthens the chocolate in Chocolate Crisp.


As mentioned, overall, Barebells’ Double Bite protein bar is relatively disappointing. The sweetness and flavors are all there, but they’re held back by the hard consistency of the main body. On paper, Double Bite sounded like it could be another great bar from the brand, but the texture really kills it, forcing you to focus more on chewing than enjoying the taste of it all.