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BPS follows its first functional release with handcrafted protein chocolate

bps pharma choc4u

BPS Pharma recently got into the world of functional foods with a rather interesting chip-style snack made with chicken breast and featuring an incomparable nutrition profile. The German brand has now followed that chicken chip product named ‘Be Real 4U’, with something a little sweeter and more dessert-like with the handmade protein chocolate block, ‘Choc4U’.

The all-new Choc4U from BPS Pharma is actually similar to a couple of items we saw last year in Filled Choco Joy from 4+ Nutrition and Protein Chocolate from Franky’s Bakery. Choc4U is a block of chocolate featuring milk chocolate on the outside, then underneath is a sweet but equally smooth cookie or vanilla-flavored chocolate, depending on the version you grab.

Once again, it is similar to 4+ Nutrition’s Filled Choco Joy and Franky’s Bakery’s Protein Chocolate, although those two had slightly more variations to choose from, including white chocolate with coconut filling. The macros on Choc4U are also much the same as those other two, with a whole block packing 21.6g of protein, 36g of carbohydrates, 26.1g of fat, and 465 calories.

Starting today, you can purchase BPS Pharma’s Choc4U directly from its online store starting at €3.90 (4.62 USD) per block, €3.50 (4.15 USD) each when buying five or more, and €3.39 (4.02USD) a block at ten plus.

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