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Major distributor Europa now carrying a selection of Glaxon supplements

europa picks up glaxon

Glaxon is another brand that has been making strides this year despite only hitting the scene in the last couple of months of 2019. The fast-growing and ever-expanding company has been introduced to entirely new international markets, all while dropping solid supplements, and if it’s not all-new supplements, it’s delicious flavors for some of its already available products.

This week Glaxon continues the exciting news with details, not on a new supplement or flavor, but distribution that should quickly get it onto more shelves. The breakout brand has teamed up with the longtime distributor Europa, who has started carrying a strong selection of Glaxon products, including its pre-workout Specimen, top-tasting SupreGreens, and its more recent immune formula Arc.

Basically, what this means for consumers and your average supplement shopper, is the many retailers Europa supplies can now order Glaxon products as long as it’s one of the items the brand stocks. As mentioned, this should expand the brand’s availability and reach even further throughout the US, with Europa hopefully expanding its selection of Glaxon supplements as it grows.

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