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Limited edition Gingerbread Dough returns for Swebar’s flagship protein snack

gingerbread dough swebar

The protein snack brand Swebar recently treated fans to an early Christmas present with a classic Swedish holiday flavor of its flagship protein bar. That flavor is the limited edition Knäckkola, which in English means Christmas Butterscotch. It turns out, Swebar’s unique Knäckkola protein bar isn’t all it has on the cards for the season of giving.

Alongside Knäckkola, Swebar has brought back one of the past limited edition Christmas flavors of its protein bar, with Pepparkaksdeg. Just like Knäckkola, the Swedish functional brand’s Pepparkaksdeg flavor does translate to something quite familiar with Gingerbread Dough; a presumably doughy, cakier take on the traditional gingerbread.

Swebar’s Pepparkaksdeg or Gingerbread Dough appears to be out and available now, in Sweden, packing 17.5g of protein per bar, 6.5g of fat, 14g of carbohydrates with just a gram of that sugar, and 175 calories.

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