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Christmassy Irish Cream flavor arriving in October for the tasty Battle Bites

irish cream battle bites

Just before we came into September, the UK functional brand Battle Snacks, announced a tasty new flavor for its two-piece protein bar, the top-rated Protein Bites. That flavor was a creative, colorful, and delicious-sounding Glazed Sprinkled Donut, which is not yet available but still coming soon, with the brand aiming to have it on the market by the end of the month.

Battle Snacks has now announced another addition to its Battle Bites menu, and as intriguing as Glazed Sprinkled Donut is, this one is even more unique. The other flavor the UK-based company has coming down the pipeline is a Christmassy Winter Wonderland Irish Cream Battle Bites, packing the product’s usual 20g of protein between two bites and just 3g of sugar.

While Battle Snacks is still aiming to launch Glazed Sprinkled Donut later this month, you’ll have to wait a little longer for the Winter Wonderland Irish Cream Battle Bites, as they’re not arriving until next month.