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Multivitamin infused Satis+ Food gets a protein bar spin-off in Satis+ Bar

4 plus nutrition satis bar

You may remember, last month, we posted about the 4+ Nutrition product Satis+ Food, a balanced meal replacement supplement that comes packaged in single-serving sachets. The idea behind the product is to simply give fans a meal replacement that they can take with them on-the-go, and enjoy wherever they please, with premium vitamins, minerals, and probiotics thrown in on top.

4+ Nutrition has introduced a follow-up to Satis+ Food this week with Satis+ Bar, which is essentially the same concept, but instead of being in powder form, it is a balanced protein bar. The Italian brand’s spin-off, Satis+ Bar, provides 14g of protein per bar, 22g of carbohydrates with a hefty 18g of that sugar, 6.5g of fat, 201 calories, and all of those extra vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.

Once again, 4+ Nutrition’s Satis+ Food protein bar is much the same as the original Satis+ Food, but in bar format, and as you can see, the macros are much lighter in all areas except for fat and calories. The product is now available in the brand’s home country of Italy, so look forward to seeing Satis+ Bar in stores there soon, with the one Dark Chocolate flavor to choose from.

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