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Standalone KSM-66 makes it four for InnovaPharm’s Essentials Series

innovapharm essentials ashwagandha

A lot of supplement companies have been introducing basic, straightforward lines of products over the past few months, with InnovaPharm being one of them. The brand recently released InnovaPharm Essentials, which up until this week had just three items in it with Immune-1 for immune health, GlucoVantage-powered Berberine X5, and tasty, berry-flavored Elderberry Gummies.

InnovaPharm has now introduced another entry into its Essentials Series with standalone ashwagandha capsules. The main ingredient is also not just regular ashwagandha, but premium KSM-66 ashwagandha, dosed at full 600mg in each of its 60 capsules. You can grab the supplement now from the brand’s online store for a bit more than the Essentials Edlberry Gummies at $34.99.