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Maximuscle revamps another one of its long-running protein in Promax

maximuscle promax

Back in April, the legacy UK brand Maximuscle, revamped and relaunched three of its longer-running protein powders with Cyclone, Promax Lean, and the mass protein formula, Progain. We shared details on all three supplements within a few days, and now Maximuscle is back with similar kind of news, as it has revamped and relaunched another protein product.

Maximuscle’s regular Promax is the product in the spotlight this week, which has been given a fresh new formula, and a look to match those three other updated proteins mentioned above. The supplement is still a relatively straightforward protein powder featuring a blend of whey isolate and concentrate, providing 27-28g of protein in each of its 32 servings.

The other macros making up the full nutrition profile of Maximuscle’s updated Promax, are 2.1g of carbohydrates with 1.8g of that sugar, a gram of fat, and 129 calories. Like with most protein powders, those numbers do vary slightly from flavor to flavor, of which there are four of, in the traditional tastes Chocolate and Vanilla, Strawberry, and Banoffee.

Fans of Maximuscle can grab the returning, reformulated, and rebranded Promax, directly from the brand’s online store at £35 (45.85 USD) for a bag of 32 servings, or if you grab two, you can save £5 and get them at £30 (39.30 USD) each.