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Marshmallow Cereal to kick off 2021 for Obvi and Super Collagen Protein

obvi marshmallow cereal super collagen protein

While Obvi has dropped a few entirely new supplements this year, such as Superfood Pinks and Collagenic Burn, it has also been expanding the menus of some of its earlier products. The brand’s original collagen formula Super Collagen Protein has seen the most attention with a number of new flavors, including Pumpkin Spice Latte for fall and the now available Pink Velvet Cake to support Breast Cancer Awareness.

When the new year eventually rolls around, Obvi will continue its consistent string of new releases, starting with another addition to its Super Collagen Protein lineup. The collagen brand has announced that come January of next year, it is launching flavor number nine for its flagship supplement. That flavor is going to be another cereal-themed creation for the complex collagen product with Marshmallow Cereal.

As per usual, Obvi has already added a page on its website for the Marshmallow Cereal Super Collagen Protein, where you can’t buy it just yet, but can sign up to be notified as soon as it becomes available.

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