REPP infuses its liquid carnitine with added focus and thermogenesis

Oct 2nd, 2020
repp sports carnitine thermo

REPP Sports has been growing out its line of supplements more this year than any other, expanding the brand into a lot of new categories, including testosterone boosting, amino, and focus. This week REPP has introduced another all-new product with the carnitine-based weight loss formula, L-Carnitine Thermo, although there is more to it than carnitine.

While REPP Sports’ L-Carnitine Thermo is a carnitine-based fat burner, it has a handful of other ingredients thrown in the mix to accelerate metabolism, support fat loss, improve focus, and enhance thermogenesis. The supplement is also free of any stimulants, so you can safely stack it with other, stimulant-powered weight loss products such as REPP’s own RAZE.

The full combination of ingredients packed into REPP Sports liquid supplement includes a blend of various forms of carnitine weighing 2g per serving. Alongside that is a 900mg blend of other compounds to provide those additional benefits such as enhanced focus and thermogenesis with choline bitartrate, GBB, and grains of paradise.

L-Carnitine Thermo is available for purchase starting today through REPP Sports’ online store. The product’s price is $34.99 for a bottle of 31 servings, although to celebrate its launch, the brand is running a deal. For a limited time, you can grab two bottles and get a third free plus a tee with three flavors to choose from in Baja Lime, Sour Gummy Worms, and Galaxy Burst.