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Vayu returns to double the size of its mTor menu with two new tastes

vayu mtor flavors

It was only a couple of days ago we posted about Vayu’s massive expansion of its protein powder 2C+, with four new additions to its menu. The German brand took the supplement’s lineup from six options to ten, launching 2C+ in Cocos Cream, Wildberry Vanilla, American Cookie, and Chocolate Peanut, all packing 23g of protein per serve from a blend of whey and casein.

Vayu is back again this week, adding to another one of its products, although this time around, the one getting the attention is the brand’s amino mTor, loaded with 19.9g of EAAs per serving. Vayu has doubled the size of its mTor menu, from two flavors to four, with the previous pair of Orange and Peach Passionfruit, now sitting alongside Lemon Iced Tea and Blackberry.

Like the four new flavors 2C+, Vayu’s Lemon Iced Tea and Blackberry mTors, are already in stock and available for purchase from its fellow German retailer, Gigas Nutrition. As mentioned before, mTor is one of the brand’s most expensive supplements, sitting a bit below its packed out intra-workout Intra, with Gigas selling it at €59 (69.13 USD) for a tub 33 servings.

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