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Zero-calorie sparkling water arrives at WellAware in two tasty flavors

wellaware gt zero kin zero

WellAware, who earlier this week dropped its eighth collagen-based supplement featuring marine-sourced collagen, has introduced two new beverages. Both of the products are sugar-free and alcohol-free sparkling drinks, with the key highlight separating them being their flavor, as one is Orange Tonic Spritz, and the other promises a Gin and Tonic type taste.

WellAware’s new beverages are the orange tonic-flavored Kin Zero and the gin and tonic-flavored GN Zero. The two products are simply, tasty and healthy carbonated water alternatives with zero protein, carbohydrates, fat, and calories. They’re artificially sweetened with sucralose and are both available now from the brand’s website at 15 kr (1.69 USD) a can.

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