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5% Nutrition is coming out with a simpler and stackable line of supplements

5 percent nutrition core series

5% Nutrition has been quite busy as of late, finally coming out with its all-natural All Day You May earlier this month, then this week, we got a new version of the high-stimulant pre-workout 5150 and the protein powder Shake Time. Sometime soon, the brand is adding an entirely new series to its growing selection of supplements, with something you see from many other brands.

The 5% Core series is what’s on the way from 5% Nutrition, which is a collection of basic, essential-style products. This type of line usually consists of straightforward, single-ingredient powders and capsules with the likes of creatine, glutamine, and carnitine. Lately, however, brands have been doing things differently with more premium approaches, relying on branded ingredients as well as some not so common compounds.

5% Nutrition has not confirmed or teased any of its 5% Core series supplements, but as always, we’re interested to see how it turns out. The brand is referring to it as ‘simpler’ compared to its advanced products, which could mean we’re in for more than single-ingredient formulas. Full details on the series will be along soon, with availability not expected to be too far away either.

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