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Halo Top Pops’ Chocolate Brownie becomes a pint flavor in Australia

brownie batter halo top

Australia recently landed itself an exclusive version of Halo Top ice cream with a line of oat milk ice cream in four tasty looking flavors. It is a different approach to plant-based to what the functional brand has in other countries, including the US. Halo Top has now launched another new product in Australia, although this time, it is a flavor of its traditional ice cream pints that you won’t find elsewhere.

On shelves down under is Brownie Batter Halo Top original dairy ice cream, packed full of rich and chunky brownie pieces with a sweet fudge swirl. If the flavor does sound familiar, that’s because you can get it for the on-the-go Halo Top Pops, but again, not the regular pints of ice cream. The product has 16g of protein per tub, 12g of fat, 44g of carbohydrates with 36g of that sugar, and 360 calories.

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