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Be Legend creates an authentic protein soup based on Naruto’s Ichiraku Ramen

be legend protein ichiraku ramen soup

With just over two weeks left in the year, Japanese brand Be Legend has managed to squeeze in yet another pop culture collaboration for 2020. The brand has partnered with a popular anime and manga series once again, one of the biggest of them all in Naruto. The result is two special edition flavors of its whey-based protein powder, although one of them is more of a functional protein supplement.

The first product is a flavor of Be Legend’s protein powder called ‘Rasengan’, a popular technique from Naruto. The actual taste the brand has gone for in Rasengan is refreshing soda, with the protein also being lightly carbonated. The nutrition profile of the Naruto supplement is as lean as the brand’s other protein powders with 20g of protein per serving, moderate carbs and fat, and 120 calories.

be legend rasengan protein powder

The other half of Be Legend’s Naruto collaboration is a protein powder for fans to make their very own Ichiraku Ramen Soup, with Ichiraku Ramen being the favorite food of the manga’s title character, Naruto. As mentioned, it is a protein product, so unlike traditional soup, it is high in protein with 20g per serving and 120 calories, similar macros to the Rasengan-flavored supplement.

Be Legend encourages fans to go the whole way with its Ichiraku Ramen Soup and make full Ichiraku Ramen. The brand sells protein noodles, which pair perfectly with the Naruto collaboration for a protein-packed meal. Both products will be available from the retailer Real Style one week from now at 3,200¥ for a 1kg bag of Rasengan and Ichiraku Ramen Soup at 2,780¥ for a smaller 400g bag.