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Bombbar releases a family of vitamin infused, fruit-themed shower gels

bombbar chikalab vitamin infused shower gel

As mentioned several times before, Bombbar’s Chikalab line has a great selection of functional foods and supplements with traditional bars and cookies, as well as some much more unique items. The brand also goes outside of the snack and supplement realm, as earlier this year, it introduced dessert-themed cosmetic products, including a chocolate mousse face mask.

Bombbar has recently expanded that functional cosmetic side of its Chikalab lineup with a full family of shower gels that are infused with a variety of vitamins and minerals. Just like its tasty protein snacks, the brand’s gels come in a number of flavors, all of which have a fruity touch to them in Mango Juice, Summer Fruit, Tropical Breeze, and the cocktail-inspired Pina Colada.

Basically, instead of only buying protein snacks and health supplements from Bombbar, fans can stock up on shower gel, with 200ml bottles of the product priced at a very low 180₽ (2.43 USD) through its Russian website.

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