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Karbolyn Energy Bar gets a second flavor half a year after its debut

efx sports cookies and cream karbolyn energy bar

Earlier in the year, EFX Sports introduced a traditional bar format product, although unlike most brands in the supplement space, the bar does not focus entirely on providing a good amount of protein. The product was the Karbolyn Energy Bar, a high-carbohydrate snack made with peanut butter, whey isolate, and Karbolyn, providing 30g of carbohydrates, 13g of fat, and 16g of protein.

EFX Sports dropped the Karbolyn Energy Bar in just the one flavor to start with Peanut Butter. A little more than half a year after the brand dropped the functional product, it has announced a second flavor for the high-carbohydrate snack with a classic Cookies and Cream. It is made with all of the same main ingredients as the original but with added cookies and cream for the flavor.

The nutrition profile on EFX Sports’ Cookies and Cream Karbolyn Energy Bar is slightly different from the Peanut Butter, with the same 16g of protein and 13g of fat, although marginally more carbohydrates at 33g. Fans can already pick up and enjoy the new Cookies and Cream flavor from the brand’s online store at $29.99 for a box of 12 Karbolyn Energy Bars.

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