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Yum Yum Bar gets a higher protein spin-off packed full of crispy pieces

rocka nutrition yum yum bar crisp

International Brand Of The Year nominee Rocka Nutrition, from Germany, has introduced an all-new protein bar this week, its fifth overall. The latest from the brand is actually a spin-off of one of its bars that’s already available. The product is Yum Yum Bar Crisp, a separate version of Rocka’s original Yum Yum Bar, which has a few key differences.

Rocka Nutrition’s Yum Yum Bar Crisp is similar to the Yum Yum Bar, however true to its name; it is a lot crispier. The brand has packed it full of whey protein crispies, which in turn gives it more protein. The Crispy spin-off has 18g of protein instead of 16g and fewer carbohydrates and fat at 25g and 9.6g, respectively, plus a calorie count of 230.

rocka yum yum bar crisp

Basically, not only is the Yum Yum Bar Crisp crispier and crunchy, it has more protein and fewer calories than the regular Yum Yum Bar. Those crispy whey protein pieces are sprinkled all over the bar’s typical doughy body, with a tasty creamy layer on top on the inside, and all covered in delicious milk chocolate.

Like many Rocka Nutrition protein snacks and functional foods, the Yum Yum Bar Crisp looks like quite an enjoyable treat. Direct from the brand, the product won’t cost you any more than a box of the original Yum Yum Bar at €26.99 (32.67 USD), or individually at €2.49. At the moment, there is just one flavor for Yum Yum Bar Crisp in Creamy Chocolate Cookie Core.