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Recently rebranded GAAM Energy starts 2021 with a classic flavor expansion

lemon lime gaam energy

Swedish retailer Proteinbolaget has introduced a fresh new flavor for its own separate functional food and sports supplement brand GAAM Nutrition. The latest flavor expansion is for its popular, tasty, and no sugar energy drink, GAAM Energy, which underwent a makeover last year where it got a new look and had its name officially switched to ‘GAAM Energy’.

Proteinbolaget and GAAM Nutrition’s GAAM Energy now comes in four standard flavors with the release of a classic Lemon Lime. At the moment, there is a fifth, as the special edition, Julmust from Christmas, is still hanging around. You can grab the new Lemon Lime GAAM Energy from Proteinbolaget’s website in single cans, a 24 pack, and a large 48 pack.