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Game Day Nootropic is finally getting another flavor in Jolly Watermelon

man sports jolly watermelon game day nootropic

MAN Sports’ most recently released stimulant pre-workout, Game Day Nootropic, which we found to be its best competitor in the category for years, still comes in the one flavor it launched in. That flavor is the candy-themed Gummy Bears, although now it looks like the brand is finally coming out with a second option for the supplement, and it will be another candy creation.

MAN Sports has revealed a Jolly Rancher-like Jolly Watermelon flavor is on the way for the pre-workout Game Day Nootropic, and is certainly going to be a great addition. All the brand is saying at the moment is the supplement’s second taste is close with no release date or timeframe mentioned, however be on the lookout as MAN does tend to drop products without a heads up.