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Beyond Raw puts together a better value, bulk tub version of its flavored Burn MF

beyond raw orange mango burn mf

Not too long after introducing its first-ever dedicated fat burner in Burn MF, Beyond Raw expanded the supplement with an alternative version. Instead of being stimulant-free or more intense like a lot of weight loss spin-offs, the GNC exclusive brand came out with a flavored version of Burn MF packaged in stick packs and featuring the same formula minus Morosil and OptiNOS.

If you like the idea of Beyond Raw’s flavored Burn MF, but for whatever reason don’t like the stick pack approach, the good news is, the brand has put the product into a more traditional tub of powder. The new supplement features all of the same ingredients and dosages as the stick packs, with everything that you get in the original capsule version except for Morosil and OptiNOS.

There is also the big upside of price in the tub option of Burn MF powder, as it has more than twice the servings as the stick packs at 30 instead of 14, but it only costs 33% more at $39.99 instead of $29.99. You simply get a much better price per serving, with Beyond Raw’s third Burn MF product now available at its exclusive retailer GNC in the same flavor as the sticks with Orange Mango.

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