Coconut Brownie Built Bar available from tomorrow for only a few days

Feb 8th, 2021
coconut brownie chunk built bar

Like clockwork, Build Brands is back this week with another new flavor of its flagship protein bar, the Built Bar, only a month after Dark Chocolate Cookie Dough. This time around, we have a flavor that brings together features from other tasty creations on the product’s menu, although there is a catch, as it’s only going to be available for a very limited time.

From tomorrow through to Thursday this week, Built Brands will have an all-new Coconut Brownie Chunk Built Bar on its website, packing a solid 15g of protein, 7g of sugar, and around the product’s usual low-calorie count of 150. The soft, sweet, and enjoyable protein bar features brownie chunks as well as a hint of coconut and made with real chocolate.

When Built Brands does launch its Coconut Brownie Chunk Built Bar tomorrow, there will also be a sale with 15% off a box of 18 bars, dropping the new and limited-time flavor to $32.13, which is $1.78 a bar.