Darkside reveals its upcoming Nitrosigine product is a testosterone booster

Mar 5th, 2021
darkside utlra test x

Since its confirmation of two all-new supplements near the end of last year with a protein powder and Nitrosigine-based product, Darkside had not shared any update on either supplement. Last month it eventually came out with some more new release excitement, revealing it also has a nighttime product on the way to improve and support sleep called Ultra Z.

Today we have another update from Darkside, although this time it’s related to one of the two supplements it teased last year in the Nitrosigine-based formula. The reputable brand has confirmed the name of that product, introducing Ultra Test X, a testosterone booster, which is not what we expected when it was originally said it would feature Nitrosigine.

Most supplements with Nitrosigine are for blood flow and pumps, such as pre-workouts and stimulant-free pump products, so the category confirmation is certainly surprising. It also has us interested to see the rest of the formula behind Darkside’s Ultra Test X and find out what else it’s thrown in the supplement to deliver its testosterone boosting benefits.