Inspired gives Protein+ a colorful new look and fresh new set of flavors

Mar 16th, 2021
inspired protein plus revamp

If you’ve been following all of the news from Inspired Nutraceuticals over the past few months, you’ll know a lot of its focus has been on rebranding and reorganizing its lineup of supplements. The brand is splitting up its selection into Signature, Prestige, and Limited Series, and it has been previewing how various products will look under those lines and potential new versions for some of the series.

We’ve now got another upcoming rebranded supplement to share, one that truly set Inspired apart from the rest when it dropped in early 2019, with Protein+. Instead of going the usual route of whey isolate or a blend of sources led by whey, Inspired Protein+ combines the power of whey and collagen, providing 25g of protein per serving, with 20g of that from whey and the rest from the collagen.

You can see the upcoming revamp of Inspired Protein+ in the image above, which is a whole lot more colorful compared to the product’s original label design. It still features all of the same main ingredients, including that combination of whey and collagen, as well as its extra premium ingredients, DE111 probiotics and ProHydrolase enzymes for better absorption and digestion.

Inspired’s collagen-infused protein powder menu is also getting an update with the rebrand, dropping its original three flavors for Banana Milkshake, Chocolate Marshmallow, Red Velvet Cupcake, and Cookie Dough. The Brand Of The Year winner for 2019, is rolling out its exciting new Protein+ in the last week of this month, so fans will definitely want to be on the lookout.

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