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iWon reveals its return to cereal with the plant-based Protein Crunchies

iwon organics protein crunchies

iWon Organics has become quite a creative functional food company after introducing several unique snacks and treats over the years, including its crunchy and protein-packed Protein Puffs. Another product the brand brought to market is Protein O’s, a high-protein breakfast cereal that we found to have great cereal-like consistency but not a lot of flavor.

iWon Organics has just announced its return to the world of functional cereal with Protein Crunchies, and like its original Protein O’s, it is a plant-based product. As mentioned, it is a high protein food, although with less protein than its last cereal at 5g per serving. Protein Crunchies is also gluten and soy-free, has 3g of fiber, and a total of 4g of sugar a serving.

The all-new Protein Crunchies from iWon Organics looks like it’ll be out and available very soon, and similar to the original, it will be launching with three flavors that are chocolate, berry, and cinnamon themed. Those flavors are simply Chocolate, Berry, and Cinnamon, compared Protein O’s lineup of Chocolate Dream, Berries ‘N Cream, and Apple Cinnamon.