XXL drops a second sports drink in March powered by a solid dose of maltodextrin

Mar 16th, 2021
xxl nutrition sports fuel

Already this month, European retailer and brand XXL Nutrition released an energized sports beverage with the moderately caffeinated, carnitine-based Burner drink. The product is a spin-off of the brand’s original Burner beverage, which does not have any caffeine and has now been followed by another product in the same sort of format, with Sports Fuel.

XXL Nutrition’s Sports Fuel isn’t loaded with carnitine like Burner or infused with a small amount of caffeine; it is a simpler, more traditional sports drink. The primary focus of the brand’s latest effort is to support performance and endurance by way of a solid amount of maltodextrin, providing 90g of carbohydrates in every bottle, alongside 366 calories.

There aren’t any added electrolytes for hydration, as seen in many other sports performance beverages, with carbohydrates being the highlight of XXL Nutrition’s Sports Fuel. The product has launched in only one flavor with Lemon, and directly from the brand, it will cost you €1.59 for a single bottle, or you can save a few cents and get six at €8.99 (10.71 USD).