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Alpha Lion names its limited Pre-Workout Of The Month products for May

alpha burn the fiesta superhuman burn

Last month Alpha Lion announced, then shortly after, debuted, its exciting limited-edition line, or what it calls the Pre-Workout Of The Month Series. It is where the brand releases two limited-time flavors, one each for two of its many pre-workout type supplements, and the most impressive part is Alpha Lion plans on doing this every month moving forward.

The first two Pre-Workout Of The Month products that came to market earlier this month were Cherry Maguire Superhuman Extreme and Swoleberry Limeade Superhuman Pump. The brand’s second round is dropping in one week on Monday, and to get fans and followers ready for the release, it has shared what its next two limited flavors will be.

Alpha Lion’s Pre-Workout Of The Month flavors for May are going to be Mango Mariachi for Superhuman Supreme, which is mango margarita, and The Fiesta for the hybrid Superhuman Burn, a Paloma cocktail recipe. Once again, the brand is making both of those available on Monday of next week at precisely 6PM Eastern Time through its website, and they are limited releases, so you’ll want to get in sooner rather than later.