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Steve Cook’s Culture is back again with a new flavor of its pre-workout

culture alien elixir pre-workout

Despite Steve Cook’s brand Culture only releasing at the start of this year in January, it hasn’t been sitting around and keeping the lineup as it started. Last month the brand announced a new flavor for its stimulant-free and stackable pump pre-workout Culture Pump with Sour Watermelon Candy, which did need another option since it only launched in one.

Steve Cook and Culture are back again this month with news of another flavor expansion, although this time around, it is for the brand’s other competitor in the pre-workout category powered by stimulants. Unlike Pump, the Culture Pre-Workout already has plenty of flavors to choose from in three, and in two days, that total will become four with Alien Elixir.

Unfortunately, there is no description of what Alien Elixir Culture Pre-Workout is meant to taste like, although we’ve always enjoyed the intrigue and fun that comes with uniquely named flavors. Once again, Culture is looking to launch its fourth flavor of its premier pre-workout in two days on Monday at precisely midday Mountain Time through its online store.

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