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HighKey’s original Mini Cookies get a larger and more cost-effective 10oz bag

highkey mini cookies 10oz bag

HighKey has put together an exclusive size of its original keto-friendly snack Mini Cookies, which is a bag of miniature, bite-sized cookies featuring a keto-friendly nutrition profile. A serving of seven of the Mini Cookies has 3g of protein, 13g of fat, 12g of carbohydrates with none of that sugar, 2g fiber, and 9g erythritol, and a total of 130 calories.

The reason we have HighKey and its Mini Cookies back in the headlines is, as mentioned, the brand has created a new size of the product that you can only purchase through its online store. It is much larger than Mini Cookies’ original 2.25oz bag at 10oz, giving fans and followers of the brand four times as many keto-friendly cookies, and it’s more cost-effective.

HighKey’s four times bigger 10oz bag of Mini Cookies is only $19.99 compared to the 2.25oz’s $13.97. Basically, you get four times as many cookies, but it doesn’t cost you four times as much, not even twice as much. Once again, the only place you can purchase the brand’s value bag of Mini Cookies is its website and only in its original Chocolate Chip flavor.

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