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Almond and cashew variants coming to Pandy’s Nutchup later this week

pandy nut chup flavors

Functional company Pandy from Sweden welcomed in the New Year with a creatively named product in Nutchup, a play on the word ketchup, which is peanut butter that comes in a ketchup style bottle. Like most basic butters we see in the supplement and nutrition industry, Pandy’s Nutchup is a clean and nutritious peanut butter made entirely from peanuts.

Pandy’s Nutchup was introduced and is still available for purchase in the one simple and straightforward, smooth peanut butter variant, although we’ve now got news that won’t be the case for long. The brand has revealed that in a couple of days, Nutchup is due to release in two new versions relying on a different nut in Almond Nutchup and Cashew Nutchup.

Like Pandy’s original peanut-based Nutchup, the upcoming expansions will keep things clean and be made with only almonds or cashews, and are going to be available for purchase from all of its many retail partners and online stores.

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