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Second flavor already on the way for Rocka’s four-day-old No Whey Bar

triple chocolate no whey bar

While Rocka Nutrition just revealed and released its No Whey Bar — a plant-based, vegan-friendly snack packing a good amount of protein — it already has another flavor on the way. The German brand introduced it over the weekend in the one Chocolate Cereal Pops flavor with 13g of protein and promising a flavor-first experience compared to its other plant-based protein bar, The Vegan Bar.

Rocka Nutrition has now indeed announced and named a second flavor for the No Whey Bar, and it is something for fans that prefer a more chocolate-dominant experience. Coming soon to the only four-day-old product is the chocolate-heavy experience, Triple Chocolate, and this one will have a little more protein than the original Chocolate Cereal Pops with 14g, all from plant-based sources.