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Chaos and Pain expands its simple series yet again with CLA softgels

chaos and pain cla

The typically hardcore brand Chaos and Pain recently introduced a simple series of supplements made up of three different products in Turmeric, Immune Support, and Collagen Gummies. Each of the items is relatively self-explanatory, with Turmeric featuring turmeric, the collagen-based Collagen Gummies, and Immune Support packed with a variety of ingredients to support immune health.

About a month on from the launch of Chaos and Pain’s basic collection, the brand is back again this week with another addition to the family, taking it to a total of four different supplements. Joining Turmeric, Immune Support, and Collagen Gummies is CLA with 780mg of CLA in each of its 60 softgels per bottle, and it is available now directly from Chaos and Pain at a discounted $14.99.

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