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Refreshing Watermelon flavor comes to Clean Cause’s zero beverage for summer

clean cause watermelon

Energy drink brand Clean Cause, which powers its flagship energizing beverage with yerba mate, has introduced a refreshing new flavor for its cleaner, calorie-free option for the month of May. As mentioned, Clean Cause packs its energy drinks with yerba mate, providing 160mg of natural caffeine, and it comes in two versions, one with carbs and calories and the other with no nutrition at all.

It is indeed Clean Cause’s more nutritionally friendly energy drink that is getting the new flavor, although it is only going to be around for the sunny summer season. The flavor is none other than a straightforward Watermelon, still featuring that 160mg of natural caffeine, no sugar, carbs, or calories, and it is available now through the brand’s website at $32.95 for a case of 12 or $57.95 for 24.

Another great fact worth reminding for Clean Cause is that 50% of the profits from its products go towards supporting people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, something the brand has been doing since its inception.

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