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PharmaFreak confirms Creatine Freak 2.0 as its fifth Red Label Series entry

pharmafreak red label creatine freak

In our podcast interview with Alex Savva, the PharmaFreak CEO confirmed the intriguing and multi-benefit Red Label Series would be made up of five different supplements. Over the past few months, we’ve had previews of four of those products, introducing Supersonic Freak, Mental Freak, and Red Label versions of Ripped Freak and Test Freak.

PharmaFreak has now passed on a preview of the fifth and, from what we know, the final entry in the initial Red Label Series lineup with another separate version of a previously released supplement. The product getting the Red Label treatment is the brand’s creatine formula Creatine Freak which combined creatine HCl, beta-alanine, olive leaf, and AstraGin.

We’re not sure what PharmaFreak will be putting into its Red Label Series Creatine Freak, named Creatine Freak 2.0, but with creatine in the name, we know for sure that one feature is going to be in there. The brand’s eye-catching and unique line of supplements is expected to roll out in the coming months, with more details to be shared as we near launch.