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First look at another complex supplement from SD Pharmaceuticals

sd pharmaceuticals mens health daa

SD Pharmaceuticals recently promised to release more advanced and complex supplements, separate from what it was originally known for, which was simple, straightforward formulas. We’ve seen two of those more advanced products already this year in the hormonal support supplement Estro-X and the sleep enhancer simply named “Sleep”.

We’ve now got a glimpse at one of SD Pharmaceuticals’ other upcoming complex products called “Men’s Health DAA+”. What we know so far is true to its name; it is a hormonal support supplement for men and will, of course, feature d-aspartic acid. The brand is going to have a few other ingredients in there, including vitamins B and D3, rhodiola, and resveratrol.

SD Pharmaceuticals’ Men’s Health DAA+ is essentially a DAA-based testosterone boosting product, coming in capsule form, and it is said to be available for purchase shortly. We will have more information as the supplement gets closer to launch, either way it is great to see the brand following through on its promise of adding some advanced formulas to its family.